Poached Egg + Avocado Toast


Poached Egg + Avocado Toast


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No I prefer Force It

No I prefer Force It

I got sick because I didn’t eat enough yesterday , got sick at a party so everyone thought I was sloppy but I didn’t even drink.
Had the thought though, I’m a grown 23 year old woman and at 5 ft 2 in I SHOULD weigh in triple digits. I feel immature.

So I get that I’m not doing Well yet, but look at how much better I’m doing!!!




These are from a wonderful book called The Art Of Comforting. Check it out and learn how to be better at supporting people going through difficult things.

i wish this could have been taught in school. not just for me. but for everyone, jesus

Again: The Connotative Weight of our word choices.

She doesn’t like me

Tiny girl at a party just said I trigger her, time to start eating more

body watching

well, i’m fucking up. lost more weight. fucking up. exishboyfriendthing is mad about it.


i’ve gotten better than i once was at watching my body and noticing its needs and changes.
i realized i’ve never noticed myself feeling better after sick. i know when the worst day is, and then i usually just wait and eventually i’m better and i never notice.

but on wednesday of last week i had a little sick, and then a very sick, and then sicker, and then i started to overload on protein and vitamin c and i noticed monday my nose was less stuffy and tuesday my nose wasn’t stuffy at ALL and today my sore throat is almost gone and i was able to eat more easily…
small victory, but i’m paying attention to my body. gimme this one let me be proud of it.

also yesterday, my brain snapped at work and i headed downstairs to my bosses office to quit. but when i got there i didn’t quit i told her about how i think her tone and way she treats my mistakes and successes doesn’t facilitate trust or teamwork. and i think she listened. and i wasn’t fired and i didn’t quit. so there’s that.


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Eating. Eating eating eating.

Trigger warning

My bmi is 17.6

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Done with everyone. Everything.

That’s the problem with putting others first; you’ve taught them you come second.


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